Meet My Wife Karen

My wife Karen My wife, Karen, is a Certified Public Accountant. She has a job in the private sector which gives her more free time and much less stress than when she worked in Public Accounting. Things are definitely looking up!

Our story is pretty neat actually. We dated during part of our junior and senior years of high school. We separated, as many young couples do, and went our separate ways. She went to college to become an accountant, and I joined the Air Force to be a policeman. We kept in touch for a while, and I even blame her for my addiction to computers.

One night when I was home between training stops in the Air Force, I visited Karen at the University of Oklahoma where she was studying. She had some homework to catch up on so she let me tag along with her to the computer lab. Now, mind you, this was in 1980, so there was not much there but a bunch of ascii terminals. To keep me busy, she logged me into one of them and showed me the menu for the games. A list of such hits as "Hunt the Wumpus", and "Star Trek" graced the screen. Well, needless to say, I was hooked. When I arrived at my first duty station in Cheyenne, Wyoming, the first thing I did was purchase my first computer. A 4K TRS-80 Color Computer. I had just taken my first step into a much larger world.

Anyway, as the years passed us by, I was relocated through several different bases, and Karen graduated, became a CPA, and moved to Dallas. We lost track of each other and didn't hear of or from each other for about eight years.

Then, late one night when I was working as the Desk Sergeant on duty, I happened to run Karen's name through my police computer just out of curiosity (for training purposes only mind you). Well, she was still listed with her maiden name on her drivers license and this piqued my curiosity even more. A quick call to directory assistance, and I had her phone number. A few days passed before I actually got up the nerve to use it.

When I finally did call, I got her answering machine. (I would later find out that this was because it was during tax season). I left a message simply saying that it was a person from her past and I would call again. When I called a few days later, I got to talk to her for the first time in over eight years.

Well, to quicken the story, I was due to leave the military in a couple of months and we made a date to meet in our home town on memorial day, 1992. A couple of weeks after that, we met again in Dallas, and I asked her to marry me while we were on the Six Flags over Texas ride "Flashback". She said yes and in September of that same year, we were married.

For Karen's most recent adventure, I took her to Ruby Field which is just north of Denton Tx to let her experience flying in an ultra-light!  She really enjoyed it.  You can see a video of her adventure here!