Ranger and Tonto

Ranger Tonto

Meet Ranger and Tonto.  For obvious reasons, Ranger is the one with the mask. :)

Finally, it had been about six months after losing Socrates that we (or rather I) felt that it was time for more little ones in the house.  It just wasn't the same coming home to an empty house with no one there to greet you so I began "just looking".  Karen said that she knew then that what that really meant was that we would have kittens soon.  She said that I had that look of determination (or I think she called it obsession) in my eyes.  I began looking on the internet and found www.petfinder.com.  It's a great resource for finding adoptable pets.  I narrowed down the search but was having a hard time finding the two I wanted.  I had decided that I wanted two so that they could keep each other company when we were at work during the day.

So Karen notices the picture of Ranger and just fell in love with his little black and white face and we set up an appointment to go and meet Veronica, the foster mom of Little Orphan Angels.  The meeting was interesting to say the least.  Ranger was kind of shy and stand-offish, but this other little kitten immediately took to Karen.  The entire time we were talking he was in her purse, in her lap, on the couch behind her, in her purse, and just basically all over her.  At this point, Karen wasn't convinced that we needed two kittens, but Tonto was working her hard.  Finally, when the time came to fill out the adoption paperwork for Ranger, Tonto curls up in Karen's lap and goes to sleep.  That was the final straw and Karen was won over.  No way we could leave him behind then!

So now our house is full of purrs and meows once again and there is love all around for everyone.  We look forward to loving them in the years to come.